Composite IBC Totes

Composite IBC Tote Tanks

Some applications require the combined use of both steel and plastic in an IBC design to meet specific customer requirements. Snyder offers the industry’s broadest range of composite IBC tote tanks in sizes up to 550 gallons, where a polyethylene bottle is encased in a heavy-duty steel cage. Certain plant specifications or warehouse space considerations may require the use of a composite IBC tote tank, and Snyder has the perfect solution in these cases. Snyder now offers a DUAL (BUDDY) TANK Composite with two bottles in one frame along with the standard Composite IBCs in 330 gallons.

Composite IBC tote tanks can also be customized with different designs and material constructions to meet more unique customer needs. DOT UN31HA1W certified for shipment of compatible multiple materials which may not generate explosive, flammable, or poisonous gases if mixed.